Traveling - Fun but Stressful

February 28, 2011
I love traveling! Working with an airline company was such a joy because of the free trips everywhere, anywhere that the company had a flight. Of course at that time our salary wasn't very good that we are limited to very budgeted travels. The ticket is free but everything else isn't so you still can't just pack your stuff and travel. And then there's the "bumped off" dilemma. The pain, the humiliation of having to wait for everyone to check-in before you get to know your fate. Worst you already have a check-in pass then they call you and tell you you can't be accommodate. Dang. Terrible feeling.

I've been out of the airline industry for almost a year now so all my travels are now 100% mine. My expense. Quite hard for my wallet. But a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do. I love traveling. So it's my greatest indulgence.

Searching the net for the best deals can be such a stressful experience. Like today. Last week, all flights to Tokyo were below $600. Today. It's all over $800. Plus the schedule isn't nice. I wanted to travel Apr 1 to 10. But if I pick those dates I gotta pay $300 more per pax. Dang. That hurts.

So now.. we still don't have ticket. I'll probably do more research tomorrow coz now I'm beat. Good night everyone!

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