Bulalo is Philippines' beef bone marrow and vegetable soup. With the steady growth of Filipino population in Singapore, the more Filipino restaurants open

The Bulalo picture here is from Rapsa in Harbour Front. At $12, it's quite a lot for 2 persons. It's quite nice. Decent. But personally, I think Singapore's best Bulalo is still from Kusina de Pinoy, which they sell at $8. Real bargain for good food. Worst would be the one from 7107. Considering that it's the most expensive.


Park Shin Hye International Fanclub said...

Hello! Do you mind if we share some of your You're Beautiful artwork on our site at http://www.shinhye.org ? Those are wonderful! We will credit you properly with your link and name[what's your name?]

Hope you would approve. Thanks!

katrina said...

I LOVE bulalo!!!!!!!!!! You're post made me salivate.

and I think you made the right choice with your coach! :D

Piggy said...

@park shin hye.. sure sure.. please take :)

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