'I was forced to sleep with 31 men'

March 09, 2011

Police may reopen case into Korean actress' suicide.

The Korean police are determining if they should reopen investigations into the case of actress Jang Ja-yeon's suicide, after broadcaster SBS made her posthumous letters public on Sunday.

In over 50 letters, Jang alleged that she was made to offer sexual favours to prominent figures within the industry, as well as to heads and officials of private and media enterprises.

The rookie actress, who was 30 when she hanged herself in March 2009, accused her agent of forcing her to have sex with 31 people over 100 times.

The agent, known only as Kim, was arrested in July that year and served a one-year jail term last year. The other 31 men were under investigation as well, though they were all acquitted.

The case caused a sensational scandal in Korea over who was on ‘Jang's list', as financial regulators launched their own investigations into an industry known for ‘enslaving' their up and coming stars.

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