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March 03, 2011

Pix Credit: SocialDemo

I have more "facebook" friends than twitter followers. In fact, the % diff is so huge it's not worth comparing. But I'm this kind of person who would rather follow more people than be followed. So I follow celebrities, few friends and other personalities. It makes these celebrities more human. They fight, they complain, they joke, they vent, they make mistakes.

In a minute, I can have as much as 50new tweets from people I follow. Be it opinions or quotes or retweets. It's a fun & entertaining way to pass time while in the mrt or bus. And hey, it ain't all gossip. I get news updates as well and interesting tips too!

Another thing I got on Twitter: Facebook is for the people you go to school with, Twitter is for the people you wish you went to school with.

So tweet tweet tweet!

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