Foursquare & stuff

April 02, 2011
I have nothing against those that use 4square and all other apps that allow u to check in and publish on twitter or fb. But I think its a dangerous apps. Its just too much information going out.

Okay, if it can't be helped... U can check in... Fine. But I'd rather u don't checkin ur office and ur house. To me it's such a private thing to be sharing to everyone. I've read couple of stories about being robbed after publishing where they are. Coz it's virtually telling robbers that ur not home and that they are free to take what they want.

Those that checkin in the malls or some tourist spots probably just want to share and boost a bit. It's understanble and quite fun. But those that checkin their house. Uhh. No point. Don't.


Mom said...

agree on no check-in on their house & their office :)

infinitely blessed said...

Very well said!

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