Hongkong - Day 3 - Whole Day Tour

April 21, 2011
We started the day with breakfast at the nearby coffee shop - Cafe Balencia. Quite nice and affordable at H$35 each set breakfast meal.

Serving is a bit small but just enough to fill 2 small people like us. :)

The bacon was really good.


We then proceed to the MTR to head to Admiralty to catch the bus to the Ocean Park. We bought the admission and bus ticket package for I think H$270 each at the terminal.

The trip to the Ocean Park was a quick one. I think about 20 minutes.

Since it was a weekday and was still quite early, there weren't many people so it was quite a nice experience.

Gotta take that famous cable car!

And enjoy that amazing seaside view!

Watching the theme park from the cable car is breathtaking.

Wow, it was pretty hot at the peak so our first ride was this tower. Where it was cool and nice. Away from the sun. Hehe.

Few of the major rides were not open that day. Some where under renovation?

I couldn't resist the very smelly but very enticing squid! At H$25 it was pretty expensive. But heck.. who cares? It was sooo good!

What sets Ocean Park apart from other theme parks? Animals!

For lunch was this coke and fries.

Why he don't eat seafoods. He thinks its creepy and disgusting. I think it's yummy.

The aquarium wasn't as amazing as what we have in Sentosa. But it was still nice just the same. :)

Instead of queuing up for the show, we decided to take advantage and enjoy the rides before the crowd starts coming back. So we had this ferris wheel all by ourselves! Amazing view!

My hubby didn't want to ride this alone because he says it makes him uncomfortable being a 3rd wheel. So what can I do? Ipikit mo lang yan Piggy. (Victoria mode)

We were on our way home when we noticed that the balloon was flying.

Overall a nice experience. But it felt like a sad place. Old and needs major renovation.

We ended the day by taking the bus to Admiralty and taking MRT to Yau Ma Tei to check out another toy haven: In's Point. Every toy/hobby collector has to visit this building. Heaven on earth for boys.

We spent a few hours at this shop before heading to the nearby McDonald's for dinner.

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