Hongkong - Day 4 - Morning & AfternoonTrip

April 22, 2011
Started with the day again at the Cafe Balencia for a quick breakfast. They have quite a good variety.

Today our plan is to go to the happiest place on Earth - Disneyland! And so we took MRT to Sunny bay and waited for Disney's train.

It's a good idea to go on a regular weekday and EARLY. Less people. Less queue. Less stress.

We walked a bit and reached the Disney gates. Awesome! We owned the entire area because there were less than 10 people there taking pictures!

Got our tickets at H$350 each.

And here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy!

Our first stop was to buy ourselves hats/caps because it was freaking hot that day. Here's mine.. I think it's H$120 or was it H$160? My hubby was a regular blue cap with the word "Hongkong Disneyland" --- boring hehe. Mine's way cooler right?

We tried to try all the rides. As much as possible. As quick as possible because the crowd was growing as lunch time was approaching.

This is my 3rd Disneyland trip. First in California, then in Tokyo, and this. Almost all the attractions are the same (or are they all the same?).. to the point that I got bored at most rides.

Oh well not all. Some, even though, we've already tried it before is still good and amazing and fun.

Winnie the Pooh and It's a Small world tops our list.

Okay, there's a difference. Like for this jungle cruise.. we just queued up when we saw people. Later finding out that there's a different queue for English tours. Hehe.

We didn't get to have pictures with the characters (would have been nice) because the queues were very long. And it seems like my hubby doesn't have patience. He got annoyed when I insisted on queuing for pictures with the Princesses.

After the trip to the souvenir shop with lots of time in our hands, we got so bored that we tried the drawing class (3pm I think)... boring hehe coz we're adults.

We ended our Disney tour with the parade.

Here's a tip.. don't spend too much time at the Disney souvenir shops because they also have it at the airport. And same price. :D

We went back to Mongkok and hubby again went to to In's Point. Now officially his favorite place in Hong Kong.. his version of happiest place on Earth!

Full Address:
In's Point, Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

And while he's busy with his toys. I snicked out and tried this street food. Something like peanut candy wrapped in spring roll wrapper at H$6. SARAP!

Our last stop for the day was Temple street to check out the night market.
Hello Baclaran!

Wiki Trivia:

Temple Street is a street located in the areas of Jordan and Yau Ma Tei in Kowloon, Hong Kong. It is well known for its night market and the busiest flea market at night in the territory. The night market is in the Yau Ma Tei, Jordan areas of the street and not the Mong Kok area of the street. Popular with both tourists and locals alike in the evening, it is common to see the place crowded at dusk. It sells cheap merchandise and food items. The place is sometimes known as Men's Street.

Oh.. dinner tonight is boring.. We only got KFC because someone wasn't very keen on experimenting with food that night. :(

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