Hongkong - Day 5 - Morning Trip

April 22, 2011
Having had the same breakfast for the last 2 days, we decided to explore and eat at the other nearby coffee shop. We found this small shop just very near McDonald's. It's called Freshness Burger.

The breakfast meals seemed nice, but very small. The cashier was also very rude so it was quite an unpleasant experience.

We headed out to Ngong Ping 360. Took the same MRT route that we had yesterday. :)

Official Site

Wiki Trivia:

Ngong Ping (Chinese: 昂坪; pinyin: Ángpíng) is a highland in the western part of Lantau Island, Hong Kong. It hosts Po Lin Monastery and Tian Tan Buddha amidst the hills which is about 34 m tall. There are many hills nearby which are also an attraction to tourists. It is now the terminus of the cable car ride Ngong Ping Cable Car which travels to Tung Chung. New facilities and tourist attractions have opened including the Ngong Ping Village, Walking with the Buddha, A tale of monkey's theatre and Ngong Ping tea house. A youth hostel is located near the monastery. The second highest peak, Lantau Peak (traditional Chinese: 鳳凰山; pinyin: Fènghuáng Shān), in Hong Kong is at its southeast.

Our first biggest mistake was going there a bit late. We arrived around lunch time. The cable car queue was crazy! So they squeezed 10 people in one cart. A group of ladies (I guess Mexican) who kept shrieking because one was afraid of heights. And an old Indian couple who didn't care about the rest of the folks in the cart coz they just kept moving around taking pictures oblivious that we were getting uncomfortable. And the 25 minutes cable car ride seemed like eternity that the couple started asking us where we are from blah blah. Obvious they want small talk! Geez!

I was a little envious of the empty carts that we saw were coming back from the mountains. Wishing we came earlier.

Wow, there are people really trekking. Seems scary! Long way there.

Despite the crowd, there was no denying that the view was amazing.

Okay, our 2nd mistake was buying the package ticket. We got the round trip crystal cable car plus Walk with Buddha and Monkey Temple. Well, it was a waste because we didn't have time to watch the Monkey thing. So in the end we just wasted it. :( So for those going there make sure you have enough time otherwise just take the cable car. :)

All the stress going up were removed as soon as we reached the top. Amazing place. Like mini China on the mountain top.

Though still amazed by the whole place, we quickly joined the Walk with Buddha show.

Walking with Buddha physically takes you on an immersive journey through Siddhartha's life. From the opulence of Siddhartha's Palace to the harshness of the Forest, you will feel as if you are truly 'walking with Buddha'. Travelling through the various stages of Siddhartha's life, you will witness his transition from being a Prince at Court to reaching supreme awareness and becoming Buddha.

Okay here's my honest opinion. Remove this show quick quick. It's an embarrassment to Buddha. Maybe I didn't understand the show but somehow it felt weird that seemed to have made fun of Buddha's life. It ended with shopping. Weird.

Lunch time. There's not much choice so we headed to Starbucks.

Happy to find out they have FOOD!

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