Hongkong - Day 6 - Last Day

April 22, 2011
Okay so it's our last day here in Hong Kong. What seemed like a long time now seemed like NOT enough!

After the awful breakfast yesterday, we decided to go back to Cafe Balencia for today's breakfast:

After breakfast, we decided to have a quick trip to Wan Chai:

Finally a glimpse of HongKong's familiar streets:

To check out these street of TOYS!

Unlike the Mongkok toy shops, these shops are open only until 7pm.

We were back at around 11:30AM to finally check out:

We took the free shuttle to the Airport express station from the hotel and purchased these tickets:

We used the spare time we got checking out the shops at the duty free shop. They have a huge Disney souvenir shop so you might want to check it out here. :) Longchamp is pretty cheap at the airport too!

Our flight back to Singpore was at 4PM, and here's what they served inflight:

My raw fish because there was no more chicken:

And with the awful food, I spent the rest of the time watching the inflight movie.. was it Thor?

And back to Singapore.

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