Movie Madness

April 19, 2011

This was one of the pay per view movies at our hotel in Hong Kong so it got me curious. I finally got to watch it last weekend. Okay very quickly the story is about 3 friends who went to ski. They insisted on a last round even though there were weather issues and it was getting dark. Unfortunately, the guy responsible for the cable car was called to meet the boss and was replaced by another guy who has mistaken them for another 3 folks. Thus the 3 were left to freeze. The first guy jumped hoping to get help but his bones were broken during the jump and he was eaten by foxes. The 2nd guy decided to climb down by clinging on the cables. Unfortunately the foxes got him and ate him. The only girl accidentally dropped from the cable and hurt her legs so she crawled her way out of the mountain. The end. Haha. Lousy movie according to my hubby.


During a strong earthquake in China in the 1970s, a family was torn apart when a mother was forced to chose between her son and her daughter. Pressured, she picker her son with her daughter hearing her decision. By God's grace, the daughter she thought died miraculously survived but chose to forget everything. After many decades she was reunited to her family on another earthquake. The end. Hmm.. good start but ends just like that.

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