Royal Perks

April 29, 2011

1. Access to Family Jewels & Wardrobe
Kate will be able to borrow from Queen Elizabeth‘s $39 million collection of accessories, not to mention she’s getting a dream wardrobe. Like Prince William‘s mother Princess Diana, Kate will have a royal dresser who will plan all of her outfits.

2. Homes … and Lots of Them

MTV’s Cribs could do a whole season on just her residences. It’s expected that Kate and her hubby will get a set of apartments all to themselves at St. James Palace for whenever they decide to visit London. This is in addition to living in Buckingham Palace and having a number of houses throughout England. It’s also thought that Prince Charles gave the couple his nine bedroom estate in Gloucestershire as a wedding gift.

3. Ladies in Waiting
“Waiting Katie” no more! Now, she has ladies waiting on her every whim! The princess gets a number of female assistants to assist her in her everyday life. These women can be chosen by Kate, Queen Elizabeth or her husband William. Some think Kate might have her sister Pippa Middleton head up the Ladies in Waiting.

4. All-Expense Paid Trips
Kate and her prince are quite active, and ski getaways to Switzerland and other excursions are expected. Kate will have a secretary to plan these official and semi-official trips for her.

5. Full Time Royal
Kate is no longer an employee at her parent’s party planning business, because when you’re a princess, that is your job. Now she’s fully committed to her royal duties that include the perks above.

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