Stomp Moments

April 17, 2011
Sometimes you just have that certain Stomp moments.

Irritating Cars at Buangkok MRT.

It tough finding a cab when the private cars have the taken the entire road as parking lots. Wonder where the police are? It's been like these forever.

Guys.. if it says Taxi Bay. It means it's for Taxis!

Reserved Seats at the MRT.
It's called reserved for a reason. There were 2 old folks standing very near them yet these 2 just ignored them. Tired? Nah. It's morning! 15 minutes standing would surely be bearable enough for these healthy looking folks rather than old people.

Sticker Aunties

There's a gang of old grandma's at the nearby Shop and Save grocery. They are very scary and they terrorize us shoppers. A few months ago, there was only one. But today there were 5! One on each lane of the cashier (making it very difficult to go out with all our plastic bags since they were virtually blocking the way!). Another one standing near the queues, bugging (not begging) everyone in the queue to give her the sticker. She surely was making the area more chaotic especially with so many shoppers this morning. Another auntie was going around the grocery asking people for stickers! Talk about DAMN irritating. They would go around and bother you while you are deciding what to buy. Okay, here's something new. Another auntie was standing near the Gardening bread. Asking if you want the free bread otherwise she'll have it. Wow. They didn't even look poor to be doing those things.

Shop and Save! Please save us!!!!

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