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Catch me I'm In Love

The chemistry between Sarah and Gerald isn't as great as that of Sarah and John Lloyd. The story is very weak too. Sarah was over acting about 80% of the time, while Gerald was loving himself abound 80% of the time too. Nope.. not one of Sarah's best movies.

My Valentine Girls

Okay the story is very lame and simple so let's talk about the cast. Richard G. Uh. Same. No change. The kid, Jillian.. has no charisma or whatsoever. Her laugh or giggle is IRRITATING! She's not even cute.

Rhian.. Oh Rhian. So beautiful... but wasted her life over a crazy emo. Lovi is very sensual. The other girl, her name escaped my memory... looked like gay.. sounded like gay too. Eugene.. as always is OVER ACTING.

Who's that Girl

BEAUTIFUL Anne. Seriously. And then? Forgettable movie. Wasted Luis' butt exposure. Eugene again was OVER ACTING. Gosh.. I'm so tired of her acting.

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