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May 14, 2011
This Yahoo article : Tit-for-tat exchange over reserved MRT seats -- has caught my attention. I call this Stomp moments. I had my fair share of experiences on the MRT/bus moments. I know that there are a lot of people who sit at reserved seats, some pretending to sleep. I've also seen those who sit in the middle of 2-3 seats. Selfish folks!

But I don't agree that Stompers are always right. Sometimes they just want to take the seat. Feeling that it's their right. Not even a privilege. Hello? Nagbayad din kaya kaming mga walang kapansanan.

I once saw a girl with a child (about 8 maybe) who arrogantly asked for a reserved seat. When the healthy looking guy stood up, wow.. he was crippled. So who needs it more? The very active kid or the crippled healthy looking young man?

Now going back to the article...

Scenario 1: I see him first. My morality tells me the old man doesn't have to tell me to give up my seat. I'd give it up willingly. Probably call his attention and offer the seat. But of course, it depends if I see him immediately.

Scenario 2: He see me first. Maybe I'm busy and won't immediately notice his need. Maybe I'm really sleeping? Maybe I'm not feeling well? Maybe I'm pregnant but just not noticeable tummy (I'm not by the way.. hehe.. just fats.)? Now, it would all boil to how he would ask for the seat. If he's arrogant. I probably won't give up the seat. My morality tells me, if you're the one in need you should not be the arrogant one. Matototo kang humingi para ka mabigyan.

For this article, the old man took effort to email SMRT and HSBC. Out for the kill! Any pity for him?! NONE! Means he's not entirely a nice person either.

I find the comments funny and enlightening too:

An Ah Gong, occuiped 2 seats by sitting right in the middle of the seats. Everyone stared at him bu he face thick thick, bo chap all of us. So how?
So not everytime old people are right.
While we are asians and must respect the elderly, the elderly must also remember that they have to set an example for youngsters.
These things cut both ways.

complaint in forum can la but there is no need to send email to his company. no point make this young man lose his job right?

Please lah weak knee old man Wang. At 63 you are complaining that you are old. I am 73 and I have stood in mrt trains from pasir ris all the way to boon lay also beh si one
also remembers please youngster can feel tired like we old people too anyway for me 63 is not an age where you should be complaining no need to go to such drastic extent of taking the photo of the young man and worst still you email to his employer dont you think you have gone overboard if that young man were to be a member of your family or your relative would you have done that please lah live and let live have a life oke you said you are an architect maybe you need to redraw and redraft your mentality and character you are rude yourself without even knowing how to ask for a seat in a proper manner if i were the young man i wouldnt even take a second look at you being old doesnt mean that we are entitled to all kind of previleges

What this old man Mr Wang did does not SPEAK VERY WELL of his character. He posted the photo on facebook, forwarded it to HSBC and SMRT. This Mr Wang WAS OUT to make the young man suffer.
And Mr Wang dares to talk about being kind and gracious?
This Mr Wang is so evil!

Because Liang was wearing a lanyard of HSBC Bank, Wang also sent an e-mail to the bank and to SMRT about the incident to raise the public's awareness of commuters who really need a seat ( stupid Mr. Wang... wat has the bank got to do wif him not giving up his seat... are you hoping for him to get fired or dismiss??? dun you tink your action is much worse den the petty seat??? poor Mr. Wang - a stupid architect...

Dora Emon:
idiot old man, if you can't stand, don't take the MRT! No one OWES YOU A SEAT!

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