Shin Kushiya

May 01, 2011
Friday night is always a busy night for Vivo City. Almost all food shops have long queues. So being in a rush again, we decided to try Shin Kushiya.

Well. Just like most shops in Vivo, the place is very nicely decorated. Good ambiance. We were seated beside 2 Japanese who were actually enjoying their Sake making the experience so much more "Japanese". Haha... dunno if that statement made sense... but it did to us.

Duckie tried their supposed to be famous Peach Iced Tea. Taste just like the hawker iced tea but just with extra piece of peach. Over priced for me.

I got myself some pork don. It was priced at around $13. It's nice but not amazing.

Duckie's choice was more disappointing. Priced around the same. It was so ordinary that the hawker tonkatsu's taste better.

The wet tissue is priced at $0.30 each. :)

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