Twitter Wars

May 04, 2011

Why do artists like to pick a fight with each other through Twitter?

Angelica fights with Claudine.
Angelica fights with the Azkals.
Angelica fights with the fans.
Everybody on Twitter fights with Willie.
Aiko fights with his ex-bf.
Then today, Rhian and Mo breaks up through Twitter.

Geez. My comment for the last 2 issues?

#1 Suing because of Direct Messages. Sabihin na natin that Aiko did say those bad things about his ex. Pwedeng gawin nya yun knowing how dirty she plays her games (politics wise). But still, the mayor is at bad light here. Direct messages are not public therefore is not classified as libel. But hacking is breaking into privacy of an individual --- this is a crime. Add the Persona-non-grata thing... since when did private issues (such as break-ups) become a city issue?! Ano ka? Si Kris Aquino?

#2 For Mo and Rhian. Last time Mo had a fight with someone, that someone said something like, "What worst than a talkative gay? Well, it's a talkative straight guy." TRUE! And I guess Rhian is now learning it the hard way. I saw Mo's post a few months ago regarding what's could be more painful (or worse) -- breaking his Mac or finding out that his girl is cheating on him. Maybe that was a joke. But it implied Rhian. I never saw an apology or a retraction. It was an insult that Rhian had to take. Then today one of his posts says: so hard to sleep when the other side of the bed is empty all of a sudden.brushing teeth is difficult too w/ ur toothbrush right next to mine. Now implying, and clearly trying to ruin Rhian, that they are living together. Damn. What a bitter asshole. Well, she maybe a player or may even be a cheat. But definitely, Mo shouldn't have tweeted those things. Now.. there's no turning back. Unless they're both stupid.

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