Macaroon Making Workshop

June 12, 2011
We finally got to attend the Macaroon Making Workshop! It felt years before the workshop day. So I was excited for the actual day.

We came in a bit early, that we were the first 3 participants to arrive. Leona was very friendly, I made a major booboo by saying hello and saying I forgot to print my coupon to her assistant who was deaf. Really sorry for that.

There was a bit of a disappointment to see that the shells were already made. It was what we came here for. But Leona made it fine when she spent the first 30 minutes explaining how it's done and giving here techniques.

Was impressed too that we didn't have to pay anything extra on the actual date unlike the Community Centre's workshop where you have to pay for the materials and even the box to take home the things you cook.

Must give Leona 5/5 for preparation. :)

For the actual hands-on we get to make our own chocolate ganache. Which we miserably failed that Leona had to fix it for us. Haha!

Our final product (actually this is Ia's work because mine was so ugly haha!)

Over all it was a good workshop. My only concern is that:
  • it was so noisy that I could barely hear Leona (but I appreciate that she was speaking as loud as she could)
  • she spoke so fast that I had to keep reminding myself to listen or miss it
  • she used the typical Singaporean slang terms that i always don't get it... haha.. dumb me huh?
My hubby was making for of us though, saying we went for painting class rather than cooking because we didn't actually bake anything. :( But as Leona has explained it, 90 minutes won't be enough for us to learn and master making the Macaroon shells.

Overall.. I liked Leona. I liked the class. :)

Thanks Cooking Mama for the pictures. :)

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