June 07, 2011
The design of the kiosk is something like selling soya so for few months I was just passing by and ignoring it. Until the day I got so bored of the food in Plaza Singapura that I've decided to take a look and found they actually sell soup.

It instantly became a favorite while I was working nearby. Then I moved. I haven't had it for so long that I missed it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the small kiosk is now a small restaurant. Nice development.

So I got my favorite Potato & Leek

And my hubby took the Tomato soup

Then we had their very yummy bread (I love tomato something bread while hubby likes the Linkcheese).

It was so long ago that I had it that I felt the change. The soup became less thick. In fact, it became too watery. The potato soup became bland too. What happened? Did the expansion affect the quality? I say yes. :(

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