Water isn't free

June 06, 2011
Local Singapore actress Joanne Peh was recently on the news after walking out of a restaurant who refused to serve her hot water. Not to mention that she was willing to pay $3.90 for the cup of water.

I've been to restaurants here in Singapore that charge for water. I think 50cents to a dollar for warm water. But I was never declined.

Well.. except once. At 7107, a Filipino restaurant here in Singapore. They don't serve water. If you want water you have to buy Blue Mountain mineral water for about $1.50 to $2. At first I found it absurb. Then I can just the issue go. Anyway, I don't want the shop to close. Maybe they're not earning enough.

But after reading about Joanne Peh's experience. Can't help but think how come this restaurants are so mean? They are overcharging already as it is. And water in Singapore is not expensive. Why can't they give it as sign of good service?

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