Vanness boasts Kpop affiliations

July 05, 2011
4 Jul – On 2 July, Taiwanese multi-talented star, Vanness Wu went on "100% Entertainment" and mentioned his affiliation to Girls' Generation, particularly with members Tiffany and Soo-young, according to a report by dkpopnews.

Another Taiwanese singer, Show Luo, who was also on the show, said that his favourite member from Girls' Generation was actually Tiffany, and showed his obvious jealousy when he exclaimed that Vanness Wu knew Tiffany and Soo-young personally.

Vanness went on to elaborate that not only did he meet them through a church group last August when he went to South Korea with Jason Mar, but Tiffany was actually the sister of his younger brother's friend too.

Vanness Wu added that through the church group, he also met other Kpop artists such as Big Bang's Tae-yang and G-Dragon, and members of 2NE1.


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