Krabi - First Night

September 06, 2011
Ah. Thailand = Massage. Thailand = Good Food.
And on our first night here, we wanted to have both!

It's kinda tough getting booking at the inhouse spa. And since we wanted a massage we decided to try it just outside the hotel. Beside the convenience store just outside the hotel.

250B for 1 hour Thai Massage! Awesome!!! They even offer you tea and fruits after the massage. Best massage ever!!! :) Just a little something, a lady man massaged my hubby. He got scared at first but later on decided it was ok because the "girl" was very nice. And later on my hubby said the force and firmness was better than actual girl's. :)

We went had dinner at the diner beside the massage shop. :) Cheap and GOOD!!!

There were so many mosquitoes but we still loved the place!

Complimentary fruits! I'm beginning to think that Thailand=Complimentary stuff. :)

And a blissful sleep. I LOVE Krabi. I LOVE Thailand! :)

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