Phi Phi Island Tour

September 06, 2011

On our first full day in Krabi, we decided to join the Phi Phi Island tour. It was a very very GOOD experience. There were about 12 of us only on the boat so it wasn't crowded. In fact we got to bond with our fellow tourists. 3 from Japan, 1 from Australia, 3 from India and another from Taiwan.

The trip costs 2000B per person, it includes the full day tour through speedboat. Includes full lunch and some fruits and cakes. It also includes pepsi and water for the day. All entrance fees are also included.

We were picked up at 8AM at the hotel and transferred to the pier were we registered (basically just signed).

Our first stop was the Maya beach. Where they shot the hollywood movie "The Beach". It was amazing. Very beautiful. Walk a little inside the mountain and you'll find a good photo location. A little cliff. Nice nice! We spent about 30-45 minutes here and when the crowd started arriving it started becoming scary. To think that it's off season. Imagine when it's peak.

I didn't catch the other island names. But we stopped a few times and went snorkeling. There wasn't much except for the tiger fish and corals but it was fun just the same.

Lunch was very nice. We were served in a beach side restaurant. We saw a buffet table but the waiter said it's for the bigger group tours (cheaper too!).. I guess he's trying to imply ours was more exclusive. :p

It was a hot day and the perfect day to try local dessert (which wasn't part of the meal).

We went island hopping some more after lunch and few more snorkeling before heading back to the hotel. It was an honestly good and fun day!

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