The Next Iron Chef - Super Chef

December 10, 2011
Oh Gosh! I love Iron Chef. And I love these super chefs! I was very pleasantly surprised to see this show on Food Network (I'm a little late I know). I heard there's only 2 episodes left in the US but I just started. Nevermind.. at least I got a new show to watch out for every week!

I got lucky and managed to watch the remaining episodes last night at the Food Network Asia Channel! Yay for the back to back episodes! The rest I watched online. So I'm super excited for tonight's episode!!!

Episode 1:
Winner: Geoffrey Zakarian and Beau MacMillian
Eliminated: Spike Mendelsohn

Episode 2:
Winner: Alex Guarnaschelli
Eliminated: Robert Irvine

Episode 3:
Winner: Elizabeth Falkner
Eliminated: Chuck Hughes

Episode 4:
Winner: Michael Chiarello
Eliminated: Beau MacMillian

Episode 5:
Winner: Anne Burrell
Eliminated: Marcus Samuelsson

Episode 6:
Winner: Elizabeth Falkner
Eliminated: Anne Burrell

Much as I want Alex to win, it seems like Elizabeth is proving to be a strong contender.

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