January 10, 2012

I'm home! My surgery went well. I reached the hospital at around 2pm, they did a pre-screening test on me. One of the tests was for my blood count since I've earlier been diagnosed for having low blood count.

At 230pm, we went to admission and signed few docs and settled the pre-admission bills (which I luckily didn't have to pay coz I got LOG from the company). A nurse came to send us to our assigned room. They gave us just enough time to settle in before another nurse came for the pre-surgery interview. She asked basically the same questions as the first nurse. The helped me change to the hospital gown and clean up.

At around 415pm, 2 other nurse assistants came to pick me up and send to the surgery room. It was a funny feeling lying down and traveling just a floor. Felt a little dizzy at the elevator. I was sent to the ward to rest and relax before the surgery. It was so quite and cold that I dozed off. Bad decision. Because I didn't have enough time to react when the doctors came to fetch me. I just found myself whisked to the surgery room. A nurse was reading a paper asking if I know what's gonna be done to me, etc etc. Then I felt the doctor put the dextrose needle (I dunno what it's called).

I woke up around 8-830pm. A little drowsy and giddy. Heavy on the tummy area, painful shoulders. Dry mouth. A little headache. And bleeding.

It was tough sleeping in the hospital. Every 30 minutes the nurses come and check and so I couldn't properly sleep. Going to the bathroom was a challenge.

But overall, it was a good surgery. I'm home now. Feeling bloated.

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