Bad Day

May 29, 2012
Today is an extremely bad day for me. Everything that I did seemed to go the opposite direction of what I aimed to do. I always give my best in everything I do. Thus I expect the same level of ownership, dedication and efficiency.

Work was terrible. Traveling to work was equally challenging. The feeder bus made me wait 27 minutes, only to find myself in an overcrowded bus  (it would be considering the length of wait). Then a very crowded MRT that reminded me of Manila's LRT. When I got to the end station, wow the escalators were fully packed. Takes 5-10 minutes to be able to get to an escalator due to crowd. Then another 13 minutes wait for the next bus. Gosh. 1.5-2 hours. Pang Laguna lang ang peg.

When I looked for a little relaxation, I get none. Instead I got stress. Facebook Facebook Facebook. You are being a liability rather than an asset. A stress instead of a form of relaxation. I either get stalkers or get weirdos. 

When I want to let myself be heard or to simply express myself. I got like 10-15 followers. That I feel confident and comfortable in releasing my craziness. I'm sure they won't judge me.  

So Facebook is really to get connected with family and ex-schoolmates. But for real friends... it's Twitter for me.

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