September 30, 2012
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We began the day with another pregnancy test. This time I got a very very faint blue line the first minute after the pee. I'm telling you it felt like I won the lottery. I know it was very faint and probably my eyes was playing tricks on me. But. It was enough to give us hope. Showed it to hubby and he saw the faint line too! 

We began the day early with the 7am mass. It was divine. We've done our part. Science has done it's part. Now it's all up to God. If he wants to give it to us he will. Nothing else to do now but to TRUST.

When we got home, the faint line was (almost) gone. 

Just want to share that today I watched MMK where they showed Sec Joel Villanueva's inspiring story when he and his wife, Gladys, had their child. Like, us, they had fertility problems. They went through all/everything that science could do. In the end, they left it to God. It was so inspiring so watch their story. If you want it, claim it. God will give you what he thinks you deserve.

I'm going back to work tomorrow. I'll be taking it lightly... hopefully. Tip toe if possible. Wish me luck.

Continue to pray for our success. Thanks!

Add: Before heading to bed, I noticed a thin line of brownish stain on my undies. When I wiped I saw a dot of brownish stain. My heart was crushed.

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