September 24, 2012
It's day 6 post embryo transfer. I woke up from a nightmare and couldn't sleep after. So I was up watching HBO, for the 3rd night, before sunrise.

It's my Day 28 for this menstrual cycle. I dunno if it's because I know that or because it's really how I feel. I'm very scared coz I have this nagging feeling that my period is coming. I keep checking and luckily it's not here (yet).

I went to the Fertility clinic today for the progesterone test. They asked me to come at 830am so that I can get te result in the afternoon. Called twice but it wasn't available yet so I guess I'll check again tomorrow.

I moved more today. Managing to grab lunch at a pinoy foodshop after the clinic sked and cooking dinner. I walked carefully to the nearby grocery. The oldies walked faster than me lol. I'm just preparing my body because I'm back to work on Wednesday.

My hospital leave certificate will be available on Wednesday. A bit uncomfy that I need to to pick it up at the hospital (not the clinic). Haiz.

All these movements are a little much for me. Glad to be able to talk to fiends. Share the load a bit. A bit shaky but not losing hope because in God we trust. :)

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