Water Villa

September 02, 2012
Our Hilton Iru Fushi assigned rep, came to send us to our villa using a cute buggy (more like a golf car). So off we excitedly go. Lovely garden view as we travel to our water villa. The rep was giving us a tour also by directing us to the restaurants, the spa and other island facilities during the trip.

The bridge to the water villas was a sight to behold.

And we arrive to our home for the next few days! 415.

Jacuzzi with a view. Oh lovely!


Our own stairs to the sea. That mini space there is where I spent most of my time here in Maldives. I stared at my hubby snorkel. The current was too strong that I didn't get to snorkel.


Indoor jacuzzi. Huge bathroom. I love. :)


The rain shower was LOVE.  The toilet though was a bit small. It was weird. See even the tissue holder was way down there. Subject to dirt and splash from the toilet. Disgusting.

I appreciated it that they do housekeeping twice a day. I feel in love with Peter Thomas Roth. I LOVE the scent. There are days when they refill with Crabtree and Evelyn. But these Roth stuff worked for me. Wonder if I can get them here in Singapore?

Our mini office. Wish we brought a laptop with LAN cable port though coz Hilton Iru Fushi water villas DO NOT HAVE wifi. It's a good thing and a bad thing. A good thing because you are forced to not go online. A bad thing coz it can get pretty boring at times.


The bed was HUGE. During our first day, the covers didn't feel fresh so we had them changed. And it was WAY better. Wish they gave more pillows though. :)


Aha the glass floor. This is one of the reasons why I picked Hilton Iru Fushi. Unfortunately, there's not much fish there. We had one regular fish though it's kinda long which looked like a squid. It's there just before sunset. Sometimes a bunch of them comes for a visit. :)


Lots of spaces. I love the coffee table. I love the beach sofa. I love the umbrella. I love this balcony. Peaceful. 


This sofa bed outside was also a great place to relax. Except that I wasn't comfortable with the cushions. They were too dirty for my liking. Wish they just used rattan. Or perhaps replace it with a hammock.

It was really good that the hotel thought about what the guests would need. They have slippers. Universal adaptors. Jackets (the weather gets pretty rough!). Life jackets. Umbrellas. 2 big bottle of water.

There's another sofa inside the room. Like the bed sofa outside, this is a bit dirty too. Too itchy for us to lie in that I had to cover it with the towel.


Okay. Verdict. I Love the room. I love that it's huge. I love that it's fully equipped. I love that it has amazing view. But. (Hahaha.. I hate it when it gets to the "but' part).

What I don't like:

  • Noisy aircon. Leaking too! It' like raining near the closet.
  • Dirty sofa.
  • Housekeeping does not do their job properly. The place still feels dirty after they have done housekeeping. And they do housekeeping on the weirdest times. We end up having to stand up out side and wait for them to finish after breakfast. Gosh. A lot of times it's raining so it's a big inconvenience.
  • No wifi.
  • Ref does not cool enough. We have medicine that needs to be kept cold. The room was colder than the fridge.
  • They do not refill fridge contents. COKE. COKE. COKE.
  • MAGIC. Does not do magic. We called to request for a change in room. We were assigned 415 and it's too FAR plus current too strong so I couldn't snorkel. Villas near the shore have milder current. Then called again because the aircon was leaking. NO ACTION. Talk about 5 star. On our last day, one American was shouting at the staff at the reception. Apparently she was having the same complaints but received no action.
My tips to those going to Hilton Iru Fushi:
  • Request for Sunset villa. It's beautiful. 
  • Request for villa nearer to shore. The current is milder. There are more fishes too.
  • 427. They have amazing fishes!!! We always stop there for a look. :)
  • Outside Trio, there's WIFI. Haha. Stand or seat. It's a good place to get connected if you're too lazy to walk to the Water's Edge bar.
  • If you need to buy any souvenir, they have a good shop near the reception. Buy there. It's not expensive and they have been quality than at the Male International Airport (we didn't buy that's why we came home empty handed. Sad!)
  • Stay up for the stars. You will not regret it. It was the most beautiful part of our Maldives experience. :)
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