We're ready for ER!

September 15, 2012
Had another scan yesterday, at 13mm lining plus less than 12 eggs (max size being 16mm and the smallest being 9mm), doc said we are finally ready for an egg retrieval. I had my last shot of Lucrin and Puregon (480) last night. My tummy is feeling really huge (Thank God I'm really chubby so I'm used to having big belly). My boobs are tender and sore (but nothing that I can't handle). It's all good. :)

Just a little something, I find the other nurse at the clinic, really insensitive. There were couple of extra Puregon that I could reuse and at first she thought only 50 is missing so I asked if she could ask the doctor whether its ok to use just the remaining. She was firm on saying no without asking the doc and even go to the point of saying, "You can reuse the remaining on your next IVF cycle." I was like. Huh? Duh? You mean this won't be successful? That negative? OMG. I would have hope for a little rah rah  cheer for good luck not this negativity. Not from a counsellor nurse. Sad.

Oh well, let's not let negativity linger long enough to cause stress. Hehe. I believe. I pray. I hope. I wish. Thy will be done. :)

I'm going to Thomson Medical Centre for the injection of Pregnyl. Doc said it has to be done exactly 36 hours. So I have to have the injection at 9:15am so that on Monday 9:15am we can have the egg retrieval.

Tonight, hubby is going to take antibiotics. 4 tabs. Then tomorrow is my turn to take antibiotics before the fasting in preparation for the egg retrieval. Wish us luck and shower us with baby dust! 

In God we trust. 

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