October 01, 2012
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I woke up and went straight to take a test. It's BFN. Stark white within the minute of the test. Then the brownish stain tripled today. I wiped twice and got it twice. I'm getting super sad. :(

I'm supposed to come for work today but I called in sick. I will instead call the clinic later and ask if I can possibly have an earlier beta test. Just to see if there's anything.


I called the clinic to ask about my situation and they asked me to go there immediately. Before leaving home, I took another pee and this time found a tiny red dot. Clearly red.

As soon as I reach the clinic, they whisked me to the room where I was given Proluton injection through the buttocks. As it was oil based, it was a bit painful. The nurse gave me leave form and asked me to take it easy today. Rest as much as possible.

I begged her if we could administer early hcg test for me. But she kept saying no. I was so sad. She said why worry myself for 4 more days. And kept insisting it's still too early. 

I forced myself to bed the whole day. I feel that my body gets more rested lying down in the bed rather than in the sofa. I was feeling the AF like feelings the whole day today. But as I was uploading the pictures of the pregnancy tests that I took this morning. I realized that the 2nd pix which I took within the 5 minutes had a faint line. What do you think? It's not hallucination right?

And hey, I found this site: http://www.twoweekwait.com/bfp-with-ivf?page=1 It gives so much hope especially that many of them are having the same experiences as I'm currently having.

Dear Lord, Please help.

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