November 18, 2012
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Perhaps I'm just being ultra sensitive. Hormones you know.

But I just feel betrayed. By friends of many years. Friendship is built and kept by TRUST. Without trust, there can never be any friendship.

Common problem with Filipinos is that we avoid arguments. We tend to keep things we hear to ourselves and just get angry and hurt in silence.

It's difficult when you hear it from someone you equally trust. Someone you have 200% trust. It's just so difficult not to believe.

I cannot boost to having so many friends. In fact, my fingers are more than my "true" friends. So losing any of them is such a pain. I cannot boost to being the nicest person in the block. My own siblings some times prefers others than me. Perhaps I'm irritating. But when I love. I love unconditionally. Wholeheartedly. When I trust. I trust with my soul.

So when I get hurt. I hurt this bad.

And as for the other you: As your friend, I hated seeing you self destruct. I hated hearing people talking about you. Making fun of you. And reading it myself. So I chose to walk away. I wanted to keep my respect to you by not seeing you self destruct as you were uncontrollable.

In the end, I lost 2 friends. Do I regret it? Perhaps not. Because true friends would be able to survive this storm. If it's not saved then maybe it wasn't worth saving after all.

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