The journey continues

December 14, 2012
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It's no fun being pregnant. My doc just officially gave me another 26 days hospitalization leave because of the complications. Gosh, each day is such a battle. Each minute ticks so slow that waiting for the day to complete is such a difficult job. I lie down everyday, watch a little tv or movie, get dizzy, sleep. And end up super tired at the end of the day. Worst than a bad day in the office.

Everyday is the same thing. I wake up 3-5AM with crazy headache and hunger. When I eat a bit, the headache will leave me alone for a few minutes. It'll come back shortly then I'll throw up.  A little peace after throwing up only for headache and hunger to come back and the cycle continues. It stops when I finally fall asleep and the next days begins with the same cycle.

Every two weeks I get a little reward when I hear the baby's heartbeat and see him/her move making me wish I have a portable ultrasound so I can just watch the baby whole day. Perhaps pregnancy would be as depressing and painful.

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