Rock Melon!

January 04, 2013
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So Mamon is now as big as a rock melon. He's transparent so we could clearly see his spine. It's amazing. I want to have ultrasound all day. 

I'm still having headaches. My doctor said if it persists he may have to recommend MRI scan. I'm apprehensive because I don't know how it'll affect Mamon. Hopefully headaches will ease up the next few days. Esp that I'm going back to work on Monday. God help me.

Appetite is better. I'm throwing up less frequently now. Haven't completely stopped but at least not after every meal. I still can't eat meat but at least I can take rice with some sauce. Sense of smell is still intense. I can smell every ingredient our neighbor adds to their meal. Geez. When I passed by Lucky Plaza yesterday I had to take a bath twice when I got home. I could smell it in my hair. Disgusting.

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