Day 6

April 26, 2013
Duckie went back to work today. So it was just me at home, I pumped milk 3x before heading to the hospital. Arrived at the hospital at exactly 5pm for the NICU visiting hours with 4  bottles of about 310ml. Unfortunately, I had to wait 10 minutes because they haven't finished feeding  the babies yet.

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Today was an amazing day. He looked at me and was smiling at me. He was responding the  sounds that I was making. I was so happy that he seemed healthier and happier.  We had our first bonding today. We played and we read a book. Thank you Lord!

Instagram post: i'm such a good boy! i gained back my birth weight! i'm back to 1.2kg gaining 40g in a day! today i looked at mom and smiled. i also laughed at her corny jokes. doc says i have sore buttocks but i'm sure it's nothing serious. nurses say i'm a good boy, super behaved, rarely crying. #25ml #powerofprayers

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