Angel Care

May 30, 2013
Since baby is still very small, we are making him sleep in this Graco bassinet. Just the right size for him. It's sad though that we couldn't find a cover for it. It's dangerous to put in blankets that are not the correct size.

For added protection and/or prevention, we got this Angel Care monitor to monitor sound and movement. We placed it under the soft mattress of the bassinet.

There are 2 beeps. One warning. A single beep. Then followed by an alarm. So far, in the almost 2 weeks of use, I only heard it in full alarm while baby is on the crib once. I panicked. I rushed to the baby and picked him up. I think I may have frightened him by the rush. So I dunno if it was false alarm of baby did stop breathing for a while. I heard the single beep at least 3x and I didn't see anything wrong with baby. But hey... I'd rather have a false alarm than not be notified by an actual problem (GEEZZ. this sounds like the Patrol monitoring we have at work haha)

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