Mamon's 1st birthday cake

May 31, 2013

We were not sure if he could go home last May 20 so we couldn't really plan anything concrete. It was only Sunday that Doc confirmed he can go home the next day. I didn't want to bother my friend (who offered to make his cakes) because it was so last minute. I hate to trouble people with my last minute woes.

Duckie was working that Sunday so I went to the hospital alone. I had a lot of errands that day. I had to buy cakes for office (first full month --- I also didn't get to order because of the uncertainties). I had to finish off paper works for his checkout. I had to go every feeding to learn how to feed and burp him. I had to learn how to bath him.  There were just so many things happening at the same time. 

I would run to the nearby mall during break times (1.5 hours between feedings).  I bought this cake from Cedele and just used M&M's to put the number 1 because I couldn't find any number candle. My sister and another friend were not happy with me because they said 1st cake is important. But... things happen... at least I got something for Mamon right? He won't remember how the cake looks like but if I tell him the story behind this cake then he would remember right?

Late post, but, Happy 1st Month my dear Mamon!

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