NUK vs Pigeon Breast milk storage bag

May 06, 2013
So I got both NUK and Pigeon breast milk storage bag.

Price: Winner NUK. I got NUK 50 pieces for $19 so each bag is about 0.50 cents while Pigeon is $19.90 for 20 pieces so about a dollar per bag.

Label: Winner None. NUK have an additional flap to fill in name, date and time. But no field for milk amount (once the milk has frozen it's difficult to get the amount), plus the label gets easier smudged.  Pigeon on the other hand have all the fields and in a sticker format. Both awesome features. Except that it's in Japanese. Heck I can't read Jap!

Design: Winner NUK. NUK has double zip and has a base stand. Both very useful! Pigeon has only 1 zip and no stand.

Use: Well it depends. If you're gonna use the entire bag one time then Pigeon wins because it has an easy to rip base with good design for non-spillage. But, if you won't be using the entire bag then you can't rip it right? No use.

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