Baby Update

June 19, 2013
My parents and the nanny arrived last weekend and it seems like I'm busier than I was when alone with Mamon. Catching up with parents plus training the nanny and all the paper requirements for the nanny is quite toxic.

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Well, baby is now over 3kg (estimate) because we moved to Pampers Small from Newborn. He feels heavier too.

I'm concerned about the rashes on his face, cheeks and forehead rashes are gone but there are a lot on his eyebrow. His neck is a bit redish too. Maybe because it's hidden. I noticed baby began perspiring already so with the haze and all we are always in the room with the air purifier.

We moved his milk to 100ml but there seems to be a lot of spillage. So he's probably only on 85ml.

Charlie Banana diapers is on sale at Mothercare. I asked a friend to buy for us ($89). But I'm hugely disappointed with it. I tried it this morning and unfortunately it was a bad timing as baby decided to poo. It leaked all over. Oh my golly.

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