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June 16, 2013
With Mamon in our minds, we began our search for nanny as early as January this year. We knew we wanted someone with referral because we needed someone trust worthy to leave our most valuable person everyday as we go to work.

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We thought about direct hiring or going through agency. We inquired at some agencies at Lucky Plaza and it costs about 2k above. It's a bit pricey but if you have no time I guess you have no option.  I asked several friends and they all went direct hire so I thought maybe I can do the same and save us 2k.

Found this blog very informative:

Our journey began by interviewing applicants from the province.
  • 1st applicant, came with a very high referral. She has good experience. But she didn't meet the high school graduate qualification.
  • 2nd applicant, she was too young at 21. Min age is 23. She's also not married but has a kid, I think even if she met the age requirement I wouldn't hire her. She's prone to temptation and I don't want to worry about her safety here.
  • 3rd applicant, she was too emotional. I worry she cannot cope here because when I asked how she would feel leaving her 1 year old behind to work here for 2 years. She became teary eyed. Besides her kid is too young, I doubt it if she can concentrate here.
  • 4th applicant, I didn't interview much. She was recommended by my sister so we just decided it's ok to get her.

End Feb 2013 : Decided on the applicant, but as she was still employed we had to wait for her current employment to end before we can begin processing papers.

End Mar 2013 : She went back to the province and began processing papers (SSS, Philhealth, NBI, passport)

It was end of Feb, but she was still working with another employer and was not available till end March. She applied for passport in the province and was asked for so many papers. Our province is 10-12 hours away from Manila by bus. Most of the papers (official and stamped need to come from Manila).  I think she went back and forth the province and Manila 2-3 times with all expenses covered by us (my mom is keeping the records so not sure how much). Getting a passport in the Philippines is a hell of a process. She was rejected 2x and on the 3rd time, she was given appointment end of May. WTF. 2 months wait?!

So we decided to bring her to Manila (again!) to apply for passport and she got an earlier appointment of first week of May (1.5 months wait!). No choice.

NOTE: The above steps required a lot of time and money. I think I spent about 1k for it. But even if I went for agency I would have still spent the same amount on top of the agency fee because the chosen maid did not have passport yet and it's not part of the agency's responsibility.

Mid April : I attended Employer's Orientation Programme ($40) online. Took me about 2-3 hours (maybe I was slow or was it really long?)

Mid May Her passport was supposed to be release 1st Thursday of May. Unfortunately, it was the election week. So passport was delayed till Wednesday the following week. 

Mid May : As soon as I had her passport number, I applied her for WP to get IPA ($30)

End May :  Unfortunately, the pass got rejected due to some issue with my hubby's IC. It took 8 working days to get a reply. I was asked to submit scan of his IC (front and back), copy of our marriage certificate and 1st page of FDW passport. Then took another 2 working days to get it approved.

  • The appeal result will be shown on the same page where you view the Application status. Don't be concerned if you don't see anything there apart from the reject the first few days. It will be added there as pending once an officer is assigned to the case.
  • iSubmit page will send you a notification email. If you don't receive it, resubmit otherwise you will be waiting forever. :)
Early Jun :  As soon as I got the IPA, I called NTUC to get her insurance and bond (MI3E) ($281 + $72 for the 7k Phil bond)

It took less than 3 hours to settle everything with NTUC. 

When I got the insurance settled, I proceeded to buy them ticket from Philippine Airlines.

I purposely did not buy Budget airlines because of the trouble caused by so many questions in the Philippine immigration for Filipinos going out of the country. (A bit of a discrimation I say for interviewing those "maid looking" girls and preventing them from going out of the country. What if you're seriously just going for a vacation but happened to be "maid looking" - based on the immig's standard?) ($370)

I got the insurance and ticket covered, I then booked her for the SIP the day after her arrival ($75):

ECON Careskill Training Centre (ECTC) Pte Ltd

Mid Jun : My FDW arrived on a Friday and we went straight to have her medical exam at the Raffles Hospital. Paid $65 for the exam. The result will be out on 4 days later (including weekend).

I bought her Singtel SIM card $15 and an EZ link card $15. Basic necessities. Then I handed her $50 (so that she will have some cash in case she need to buy anything for herself)

Next day, I sent her to Econ for the training. Her training started at 9AM and was scheduled to complete at 6PM but she was already out by 4:30pm.

At home, I provided her all the basic necessities (soap, shampoo, toothpaste including lotion - because she requested for it). My mom got her set of clothes (pants, blouse, shoes) when they came here because she had to appear decent looking at the airport. We also got her new bed sheets, pillowcase and blanket. Then my sister got her a 4-5pieces of scrub shirts (she's a doctor so she has a lot of scrub blouses.. it looks like Maya's shirt). My sister says it looks cleaner besides the nanny didn't have so many clothes. The shirt looks like this:

The medical exam result was out Tuesday 3PM. All good, we can proceed to apply for the issuance of Work Permit (unfortunately it is only available till 8PM online).

The issuance of Work Permit costs $30.

Make an appointment for Work Pass Card Registration

Bring the following documents to the MOM Services Centre on your appointment date: 

  • Notification Letter (NL) 
  • Latest original travel document (e.g. passport) 
  • Original and completed 
  • Work Pass Application Form signed by FDW, employer and if applicable, the Third Party user who submitted the application on behalf of the employer 
  • The original completed Security Bond Form printed from the Security Bond Status function in WPOL 
  • Original full Medical Examination Form 
  • Original Disembarkation / Embarkation card (IMM27) / Special Pass
The appointment with MOM took less than 30 minutes (Ah! I can't get over the efficiency! Kudos!)

The card was delivered 4 days later.


  • You must not retain your FDW’sWork Permit 
  • She should carry her original Work Permit with her at all times for inspection on demand by any  public officer. 
  • You must not retain your FDW’s passport without her consent If prior consent was given for you to safekeep the passport, you must return the passport to your FDW upon her request 

End June: Officially completed the Singapore requirements for hiring FDW.

Remember to check MOM site for updates on the FDW hiring process:

Next Chapter: Formalizing FDW employment with the Philippine Embassy

Early July: I sent an email to Philippine Embassy to inquire about the process for the FDW papers and was replied that only agency can process the papers. Now what? Have to source out information from other people who have completed this process. Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

loved reading this entry. quite informative! do u have any updates yet about the phil.embassy issue?

Unknown said...

Hello! Did u hire fdw before your childs birth?

Piggy said...

Hi Mary! No, I hired our first maid after child birth.

Paul Tolentino said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Piggy, did you hire an agency in the Philippines to do the paperwork (SSS, etc)? or did the FDW do it herself?

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