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June 11, 2013
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Breast Milk Storage Bag

I've tried Pigeon and NUK.  I've just ordered Jaco so I will update the review post soon! :)

Piggy's Pick: NUK

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Washable Disposable Breast Pads

I've tried Mustela and Farlin. Mustela is 4x the price of Farlin but after using both for almost 1 month now, I realized the quality of the Mustela pad is better. Farlin became too rough after couple of washes and since it's bigger it tends to crumple and leaves my boobs with lines. One time I slept face down, and when I woke up the lines on my boobs were terrible.

Piggy's Pick: Mustela

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Liquid Cleaner

So far we have tried Pureen and Pigeon. Pigeon is 3x the price of Pureen, it doesn't have so much bubbles making it hard to know what you have covered. And causing too much waste because you end up repeating again because you're not sure. 

Piggy's Pick: Pureen

Bottle Sponge

We tried Pigeon and Farlin. Farlin is $4 with free refills while Pigeon is $6.90 with no extra refill. The quality of Pigeon sponge is like a milk Scotch bright so it's really nice.

Piggy's Pick: Pigeon

Milk Bottle

It was a decision between Dr Brown's and Avent. And the main reason why we pick Avent is that it's easier to clean which is very important. The risk involved in too many parts to clean in Dr Brown's is just too much. 

Piggy's Pick: Avent

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Soap and Shampoo

Moral of the story: Don't use soap on baby's face. Stick with water. 

Even if baby had some rashes after the first use of Mustela I still prefer it over Pureen. It's more expensive but the scent is milder. It's less soapy too.

Piggy's Pick: Mustela

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Mamon used Huggies at the NICU and had some rashes. When we finished our first batch of Huggies (4 packs), we moved to Pampers. So far baby is rash free and I like that it's easier to check if it's wet because of the gel like texture of the diapers. 

During one emergency we used Fitti. Oh my gee, don't buy it. My hubby accidentally let the tape touch baby and Mamon cried in pain because it's REAL tape. It probably took a few hairs with it. Dang!

Piggy's Pick: Pampers

Cotton Balls

We have tried Giant, Fair Price and Kiddie Palace cotton balls. Of course, quality wise the KP balls was better. But it's also 3-4x more expensive than Giant and FP. And with the amount of balls we use (in washing his face, washing his butt, etc) gotta say it's out of the question to buy such an expensive balls.

Piggy's Pick: Fair Price

Other products that Mamon is using:

Baby Oil

Johnson's Baby Oil : It's common in the Philippines to put warming oil to baby before bath to prevent baby from getting cold. Having no warming oil here in SG, I just used ordinary oil and warmed it up in my palm.


Similac Neosure : Not sure until when Mamon need to drink this but it was recommended by the Doc

Similac Fortifier : Added to the breastmilk

Avent Bottle Warmer

If you have spare cash I'd recommend you buy it. But it's expensive for $68 because you can actually just use an ordinary cup with hot water. It's the same concept.

Side Pillows

So we got him this Piyo Piyo pillows to prevent him from moving around too much. We wanted him to face left because the right side of his head is becoming flat. But this product is failure. It's too light for him. So easy to move out of it and stay out of it.

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