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June 12, 2013

Ordering was a breeze. Communicating with the seller was smooth too! The product was coming from the Philippines (it's my first time to purchase online from the Philippines hehe) and I expected some delays in the delivery. But I was really impressed that it arrived in 7 days. Impressed is an understatement. Amazed is more like it.  When I saw the products I really liked it. When I touched it I was in love! Thank you Mutya. :)

Spinkie Butterfly Pillow

Design was AWESOME. Quality is GREAT! No kidding. I was super impressed!



Diaper Mat Clutch

I was hesitant in buying this. I was thinking it was a bit expensive and waste of money as we have the free mat from TMC already. But after seeing this and touching it. Wow. Not a waste. It's sooo nice! It's WAAAY better than the free one from TMC. Soft and big.



Usage: For babies two (2) months and above. Lay baby’s head on the centremost, softest part of the pillow. Let the lower wings support the neck and rest on shoulder sides or shoulder blades. For tummy time, let baby‘s chest rest on the centremost part of the pillow with hands on wings.

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