BCG effect

July 01, 2013
During the BCG vaccination, Doc told us that it will leave a scar. We didn't bother about it because it was in the butt area. There was no evident scar formation so we forgot about it.

A week later, I saw this red dot on baby's side. Just above the butt cheeks and below thigh. I thought it was an insect bite that I cleaned Mamon's crib and bassinet to make sure no insect is there to bite him again. The red dot kept growing that later I thought it was diaper rash or could have been caused by the Fitti tape incident. I placed some diaper rash cream on it. Then it became bigger.

We thought of rushing to the hospital but figured we could wait a bit more. Anyway, it didn't seem to bother baby and he didn't have any fever.

Then last Saturday it started to have pus. I called my doc sis and said there's nothing we can do about it because it needs to burst to be treated.

Yesterday, while giving him a bath the lump burst and the pus came out. We had to use 2 tissue to clean up the pus. When all the pus came out the needle hole became visible.  Huge for baby's size. Golly!

We covered it with sterile gauze before putting back the diapers (note we used the diaper to hold the gauze and didn't tape it cause we didn't want to hurt baby)

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We went to the Pedia to inquire about this and was informed that this is normal. We were prescribed Baneocin Powder to keep the wound dry to prevent infection.

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Unknown said...

I didn't know if you will understand my grammar and english because I am nog Filipino, My 5 month old daughter also have that one but it seems like it still not yet healed, but it becomes smaller now than before. Can you give some practices on what should I do so that I can somehow follow it? Thank you in advance.

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