Second Month Pedia Visit

July 04, 2013
The pedia wasn't very packed today. We managed to see Dr Ang after only about 45 minutes wait. 

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Baby's head is bigger than normal so Doc requested for an Ultrasound Cranial Head. Well, it's also part of the routine checks for preemies.

Doc saw a small cyst on his left brain. She mentioned it's not big and it may disappear in a few months. It just means we have another monitoring to do on Baby. The ultrasound will be performed again in 6 months to ensure that the cyst is gone.

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Note: Costs $145

TIP: Bring blanket or dress baby warmly because the 4th floor Xray area is very cold and the waiting time is about 1-2 hours. I had to hug baby because he was chilling already.


Dr Ang recommended an eye specialist at Gleanegles. When I called for appointment the earlier available is on July 22.  So it's all waiting time for us.


The 6 month package costs $854.10 plus $50 consultation each visit. (I wish I'm a pedia hahaha!)

Total Cost for this Pedia visit: $1134.65 (kaching kaching!)

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