What to Do When a Baby Is Vomiting

July 23, 2013
Image Source: http://scottnickel.blogspot.sg/

Baby vomited a lot the other day. My instinct told me to quickly pick him up and carry him on his side. Clearly remembering that this was mentioned by the NICU nurses. But my hubby and my nanny both screamed at me to carry him upright so that he stops vomiting. I panicked and followed them. Good thing he did stop vomiting.

After the tension, I googled it to confirm if it's sideways or upright. And I was right! We should carry the baby to their side. So he can throw up everything that he needs to throw up and not swallow it back and prevent choking. Golly! I almost scolded by hubby and the nanny. But then again it was my fault for panicking and listening to others when my brain tells me otherwise. Be warned. :)

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/221234-what-to-do-when-a-baby-is-vomiting/#ixzz2Zq065F5x

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