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September 21, 2013
BAPTISM Theme: Baby Elephant
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Here's my simple table centerpiece. The mini jars are from Tangs ($2.90 a piece), the chocolates are from Japan Home ($6.90 per pack bought 5 packs). Then I just wrapped it with my Washi Tapes and topped with my signature elephant design. 

It was a hit since I only managed to take home 1, the rest some of the guests must have taken fancy and took home. :)

Adding a little more fun on the tables. Paper straw and paper napkins from PaperChicStudio wrapped with simple blue ribbon and my elephant design.

These are my cupcake toppers. The toothpicks are from our stocks. Plus my signature elephant design. The paper is from Paper Market (Plaza Sing - $1.20), the punchers are from Martha Stewart and EK.

I made the menu from Power point (haha! It was rushed and I felt very much comfy with Powerpoint). Cost = Free (used old bond papers)

I designed the tarp using Adobe and sent it to my sister in the Philippines for printing. Cost $10.

Gift envelope for the Church and to our photog. Just a simple white envelop with Washi.

Here's the chocolate cover that I made (customized for Trader Joe's). Size was just perfect! (Pix from my friend :p)

And here's how the party looked like with all the arts combined! Love love love!

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Drew Watts said...

So chic and pretty DIYs. I am just so in love with the stunning details. We too celebrated this day at one of the prettiest event halls for rent that offered custom décor and the yummy vegan food. The best thing is that everything was really affordable in our custom package.

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