Candy Station

Of course, we need candies! Lots and lots of candies to supply the kids with all the sugar they need to survive a full day of fun!

Joshua Gummies
  • Gummy Transparent Worms [GSU008] (Amount: 160.00 PHP, Quantity (per kg): 1)
  • Gummy Fish [GSU017] (Amount: 160.00 PHP, Quantity (per kg): 1)
  • Sour Karate Belts, 30pcs [GSU027] (Amount: 50.00 PHP, Quantity (per pack): 1)
  • Red Berry Gum 120pcs [GUM007] (Amount: 120.00 PHP, Quantity (per container): 1)
  • Chocolate Piso Coin, 1kg (~500pcs) [CHO014] (Amount: 500.00 PHP, Quantity (per pack): 1)
  • Nerds
Total: 990.00 PHP ~ $30

Now I'm wondering if this is enough or if I should have ordered more... 

Update: 18MAR2014, the items have not yet arrived.  Still waiting for Bayadpo to deliver the items to Bicol. I hope it arrives before Thursday because half the box is for my sister's sister-in-law and her kid's birthday is already on Thursday.

I have to commend Joshua Gummies! They answer queries really fast and very helpful! Will buy again definitely!!!

Update: 08APR2014, managed to get buckets from Ikea for the candy staion and I've printed the candy labels!!!

Update: 26 April 2014

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