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March 11, 2014
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I feel like I need a day off but not that I want to have a day off.

I need to go to the salon to have manicure and pedicure as I feel my cuticles are in dire need of some TLC. I tried to do it myself but I guess because they're in such a bad shape that I need a professional's help ( not to mention that my huge tummy is preventing me from properly reaching my toes )

I need to go to the mall to buy myself some new shirts as only 5 shirts can fit me and my big belly now. ( I gave away my maternity clothes last time because I thought it was my last pregnancy and anyway this is bigger so I doubt if they would fit even if I kept them.)

I need a massage. All my joints are complaining!!!

I need hot oil. My hair is soooo dry it all wants to die. I can't have hair coloring now even if I have all the gray coming out but I also need it badly.

I need facial. All those white and black heads! Add the dryness. Oh gosh! I need it so bad.

But everything that I need requires time. And time is not something that I have the luxury of. I'd rather lie down and sleep. Or stay at home and play with Mamon. 

Oh well...

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