Move over Twitter! Instagram with the colors and the video is sooo much more FUN!

My favorite Instagram celebrities are (in no particular order):


I looove Juday's dirty breakfast! My favorite meal of the day and she's perfect in making it!!!

There's something about Lucho! I'm sooo in loved with him! 

Wow! I must say he's really in loved with his wife! I'm sooo jealous! Don't you just wish your hubby can be as expressive and appreciative as Ryan? 

The Kramers

Ok my main problem with them is that they are too commercialized haha. Para na silang The Truman Show or PBB.  But it can't be helped. Iba na ang mga cute!

They project the perfect family!

And again... a husband who knows how to show his wife his love. Ain't it perfect?

Regine Velasquez

Nate!!! He's super cute! I looove his videos!

I love Regine's simplicity. From
not forcing Nate to speaking English at home, to supporting other stars, to being a fan despite being the bigger star. Such humility.

I'n a sucker for hapy families! It's love love love!

Marian Rivera

Who doesn't want to stare at beautiful women?

Not to mention sexy???

And in loved???

And admit it... she's got the prettiest dress among local showbiz celebrities!

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