Shopping for Siopao

May 11, 2014
With 2 weeks left to go, shopping was delayed this time haha.

I got these Breast Pads from Qoo10 for $6. Pretty good quality.

These clothes are for 3 months old and I got them through Carters online which was carried to Singapore by a friend who went to US for a business trip. Talk about saving the shipping fee! Yahoo!

I purposely did not want Mamon and Siopao to share the same brand of Milk bottle because I didn't want the nanny to get confused with the nipple and accidentally drown Siopao. So for Siopao, I decided to let him try Pigeon. I got em at Toy's R Us at Farrer Park. I chose the Slim neck because I felt the wide neck will still confuse Yaya. The price isn't much of a diff with Avent so I don't think Siopao would think he's less loved haha.

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