May 31, 2014
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I just have to rave about this app! I LOOOOVEEE it. It's so tough getting a cab here in our area. Whether you call the taxi comp or flag down the street, it's such a challenge.

Ever since I discovered the apps, calling a cab has been such a breeze! 

And last Monday, GrabTaxi took it to another step! My hubby left his iphone on a cab that he booked through GrabTaxi and he couldn't recall the taxi number. He knows it's red. So I called the taxi company. 
#1 They took about 3-5 minutes to pick up the call. 
#2 The girl was so rude. Don't give info that isn't being asked.
#3 The lady very firmly and clearly said, she will broadcast it but it's not sure whether the phone is still there.

Restless, I decided to try calling GrabTaxi. Surely they will have a database right. And wow! 
#1 First ring, pick up!
#2 She started with Good afternoon.
#3 Very nicely (and she sounded concerned after I explained my concern) asked for my hubby's number, time of journey, source and destination. 
#4 Reassuringly said she will call the driver immediately to check and she will get back to me asap.
#5 When I asked if I can have the driver's number instead so we can call him directly, she was very nice and just gave the name and number

And the phone was back in our hands after 2 hours (because the driver went for lunch and some errands)... how amazing is that?

Kodus to Mr Eric (taxi driver) and Kodus to GrabTaxi!

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